7 Questions to Ask Your Electronic Systems Contractor

First of all … let’s get real. electronic systems contracting is a young, fragmented industry with a “hit and miss” reputation amongst its practitioners. Homeowners need to be judicious in their vetting of integrators in order to ensure that there are no unpleasant surprises in their future. Here are seven questions you should ask prospective integrators to help with your selection. Read more

The iPad Revolution: A Processing Paradigm Shift

As a longtime systems integrator, I have seen a few products introduced to the home automation market which have caught the imagination of home owners enough to become standard offering across many of the automation system brands.

Although the iPad certainly fits in this category, in my mind, it is much more. The iPad has created an entirely new paradigm in the way home automation systems communicate. The comparison that follows will hopefully illustrate this point clearly but, before we jump in I would like to provide some foundation by giving a little primer on processors and their history in the home automation industry. Read more